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my favorite quote

July 2007

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Dancing Through Life

time for another quick bullet point update from me

1. i am soo sore all the time from my dance classes and i love it! hehe, i am so glad i decided to major in dance cause it is so fun. i still have my doubts about my ability to compete with others for jobs once i'm out of college so maybe i'll have to have another major to lean on....we'll see. but today was so hard it made me tired (like wanting to sleep) for the rest of the day, but i loved it. :)
2. my bangs are super long and i must cut them. i usually don't love my hair so i don't mind cutting it but i love it now so i am afraid to mess it up. though i am sure i could do better than any hair cutting person could with trimming my bangs cause i know what i want. well maybe tomorrow i'll give it a go.
3. Tri Delta is going pretty good. we're getting our big sisters later tonight. i still need some more nice clothes though. hopefully me and allana will go this weekend or something.

i can't believe thats only three bullet points but i can't think of much else. oh except..

4. there's this one guy i sort of accidentally stalk and he's quite cute and today blair starts talkign about this guy in her film class thats really cute and i realized that she's talking about him and grrr, why does she have to steal all the guys!!! not that she really stole him but i feel like whoever "calls" a guy gets him in a way. like, gets to like him. yea if that makes sense. whatever.



Haha, accidentally stalk?! How do you do that???
i just see him everywhere...like i turn around and he's walking by. it's weird, i know.